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Service IS Consulting

Tax Compliance & Advisory

Corporate and Individual Income Tax

This service covers the activities of preparing and filing Annual Tax Returns (SPT Tahunan) in accordance with the taxation regulations.

Withholding Tax and VAT Return

This service covers the activities of preparing and filing Periodic Tax Returns (SPT Masa) in accordance with the taxation regulations.

Tax Advisory

This is an ongoing consultation and advisory service on taxation matters encountered by your company for a certain period. The service can be provided through mail, facsimile, email, teleconference, or direct meetings with our consultant team. This is to provide your company with the best solutions for the tax problems encountered.

Tax Review

This is a service for reviewing your company’s tax compliance, identifying your company’s potential tax exposures and providing recommendations for how to minimize the tax exposures. Our review service will cover all of your company’s activities that have impacts on your company’s tax obligations.

Tax Planning

This service covers a set of strategic plans to improve the efficiency of tax management by identifying the best alternatives for legal tax saving in line with your company’s business planning and policies.

Disputes and Resolutions

Tax Audit

This is a service for assisting and representing your company in case of a tax audit or a tax objection. This is to prevent your company from receiving Tax Assessment Notices with inappropriate amount of tax due and/or severe fines due to mistakes in submitting Tax Returns and/or a failure in showing proper and complete accounting process as well as the supporting documents.

Tax Objection and Appeal

We will help you in preparing and filling any objection letters to the Regional Tax office/Head of Tax Office, gathering and compiling necessary supporting documents, reviewing and submitting the required documents to the Regional Tax Office/Head of Tax Office. We will also represent and/or accompany you at the Regional Tax Office/Head of Tax Office in explaining the activities/transactions for the most favorable of results to your Company, discussing with the tax officers before finalizing any objections for the most benefitting of outcomes, and receiving the final decisions on objections from the Regional Tax Office/Head of Tax Office.

Tax Refund

We will obtain all the necessary data required to prepare tax returns, review financial statements to determine any tax exposures, prepare the fiscal adjustment based on audited financial statements, discuss the fiscal adjustments and the exposures with you and the auditor. We will also prepare the Annual Corporate Income Tax Return and VAT Return for reporting to the Tax Office.